WET PAINT 4: Live Graffiti Art Show

We just finished up WET PAINT 4 - the live graffiti art show. Every year we do one of these, and it's our biggest project. The first show was back in 2015 and featured 5 artists. Then our second was double that, then the third, last year, grew even more - adding DJ's and rappers and sticker and marker contests.

It's a big chance for us, as a church, to show off what we do, and to give a big party and festival to the community. It's all free, so everyone can enjoy. It's fun to talk to people who come to events like this, and we explain that this is what Open Space Church does: we spend half our timing giving art to the community. People are pleased, and often surprised, that we devote so much of our resources to giving away, but that's not a contradiction to us. Maybe if we were a lot bigger we'd have weekly worship and do art events on top of that, but since we're not a huge church, we use our resources better by spending more time giving back. WET PAINT 4 is part of that.

This year featured 12 graffiti artists painting outside the storefront we rent. The landlord lets us set up and paint in the back alley (on boards we bring in, not on the walls). This year Open Space partnered with Neoglyphix, who provided the "cubes" to paint on, as well as half the artists. What they produced was amazing. The artists were:

Citizen Klown










Eagle (joining us from Phoenix)

At the end of the night, this was the work, half of it at least. The rest is on the other sides.

If you want to see the full collection of pictures, you can find them here on flickr.

We also had some brilliant Christian rappers this year - thanks to a partnership with Creative Awakening and Tha Mash Unit.

In between the rappers were DJ's - Smash Lames, GT, Rex Garcia, and Al Fuego.

Nameless Servant and SETHMusic at WET PAINT 4

The next WET PAINT in 2020 is yet to have a date. Look for more info coming up.

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