Start the New Year with Faith and Art

One of the biggest things that holds us back from enjoying creativity and art is the idea that certain people are born "artists" and some are not. The truth is all of us are given the ability to imagine, to dream, to create by our creator. We all have the ability to make, to explore, and to put things together.

I always tell people who come to Open Space that there is no judge, no snob running around telling your work is not enough of this or that. We have no critics, and no judgment on your work. We just want you to enjoy the unique synthesis of exploring who God is, what he does for us, and how his Spirit moves us to create, dream and experience his love and grace.

So if you need a place to start, come to Open Space. Come to paint. Come to draw. Come to sit there and hang out and talk. Come to worship, or just sit in worship and soak it all in. Come to pray, or to just be in God's presence.

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