Scrap Can Battle 2 - Pictures

The second scrap can battle hosted by Open Space was a huge hit. We will definitely be doing more.

If you're not familiar with what a "scrap can battle" is, it works like this.

We supply the venue and the boards to paint you.

You bring your own paints and markers

We offer a prize pack to the winner, chosen by celebrity judges who are not a part of Open Space. This year we took pictures of the final murals, texted them to the judges, and got back our results. The winner got a collection of brand new spray cans and some art supplies, courtesy of

We reused the "easels" (4x8 plywood boards with retractable stands on the back) from WET PAINT 3. some people worked on smaller boards or on black books.

The winner was ROGUE, from the Neoglyphix crew, and one of the directors of Flowers and Bullets.

The second place finisher was also super cool - from Ulser

Our other pieces

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