Highlights of paint nights this fall

We started paint nights again this fall, and it's been fun to see people back. We did our usual thing of pulling out the markers, books, paints, and even scrap cans (old spray paints). So far it's been the third Thursdays, from 6:30pm-9:30pm (the usual time) at The Studio Space Tucson (the usual place). January will be the 27th (not the third, but that's when it would work). Some highlights....

We had a couple boards up in the alley, and had some fun with scrap cans. Nothing serious, but a little for all generations.

For December we also hosted a contest drawing on our "subway scrawl" book. It's full of schematics of real world subways, and you fill it in. It's more detailed work, and takes a bit more skill to work small, but a good artist can do it. Our submissions were below. The middle one, by DTAtattoo, won. Good times.

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