Bible Study and Fellowship with Art

Each month on the first Thursday night at 7pm we meet at our usual location, The Studio Space Tucson, to share our highs and lows, our thoughts from the week, talk a little about an issue of scripture and faith, and pray for each others' concerns. It's taking time to be community, to be a spiritual family to each other.

Sometimes we just sit there with out Bibles, but lately we've been trying something new - putting out art supplies while we talk. We're not all great at drawing, but there is something spiritual and therapeutic about working with your hands while going through things. Some of us are also more verbal than others, and some of us would like to sit and soak in the conversation, but reflect on it all more quietly inside. Nobody is put on the spot at Open Space Bible Study and Fellowship Nights. Some say nothing.

This page was drawn by our own VaNika Hill, and we made a few copies on big sheets of paper.

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