A little about me…

I’ve been the pastor at Open Space since its founding in 2014. My passions in ministry are worship, spiritual growth, youth, education and community outreach, which is really most of what we do as a church. I love Jesus and the Gospel, the faith and its power to change lives, and the deep and rich history of Christian teachings and spirituality. I believe the local church is where the power of the Christ is made visible, and where we can, as a community of believers and seekers and questioners live out Jesus’ teachings and experience God.

I am an ELCA Lutheran (that’s the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America). Ordained in 1999, I served for at St. Philip Lutheran Church in Glenview, Illinois,  as associate pastor at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church downtown Tucson, specializing in young adults and community outreach.  In 2010 I took a call to Lord of Grace Lutheran Church in Marana, Arizona, and in 2014 felt called to start Open Space Church

I’m a graduate of Hibbing High School in Hibbing Minnesota, Gustavus Adolphus College, and the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg. Now I live here in Tucson with my wife Kristie, our 5 kids, and a couple cats.  You might find me on my day off hiking the local mountains, reading a good book on Christian spirituality or philosophy, or tending to the fruit trees in my yard. You might see me with an old Canon Rebel in my hands, shooting pictures, which you can check out on I also keep a blog, which I update inconsistently, here.

I hope you’ll stop by Open Space some time and check us out. If you want to chat, or have any questions, feel free to email me or give me a call. I believe that church is where we come to experience God and live in the way of Jesus, regardless of your income or background or however many questions and doubts you might have. Church is where we come to explore these things, and discover together. So whether you feel you have it together, or you’re still trying to make sense of the mystery that is God, I hope you’ll join us.

Pastor Lars Hammar

Pastor Lars with Lower Gravity
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