As beings made in God's image, the image of the creator, we encourage creativity and expression of faith through art, as well as giving art away and making it accessible to the community. For this we host several different kinds of opportunities to paint and create. As a church of the city, often knicknamed "The Graffiti Church", we don't just tolerate graffiti and street art, we make it a part of who we are and what we do. God is alive in the city, and is speaking through the art of the city.

Not everyone at Open Space is a graff writer, almost half of us are not, but we like to be a part of the community art creates and support it in our church and community.

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Open Art Nights (Pizza Paint)

Each second and third Thursday from 6:30-9:30pm is Pizza Paint - Open Art Night. We open The Studio (4648 E. Speedway) and put out the art supplies: spray paint and boards, markers, black books, drawing paper and more.

Come to draw, or paint, or just hang out. Try something new, if you want. We have veteran graffiti and street artists to help show you some pointers.

And, did we mention free pizza?

No charge. Check out photos on flickr

Art in Worship

Worship does not have to be only verbal and visual - reading and listening and singing. And while we do lots of that in our services, we occasionally bring art into the worship itself, helping us to explore and express faith.

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WET PAINT: live graffiti art shows

WET PAINT is the annual live graffiti art show hosted by Open Space. We feature artists from around the area who paint on large panels, canvasses, and black books. Live music from hip hop artists and DJ's, as well as vendors selling air brush, graff supplies, and paintings.

The venue changes from year to year. In 2018 we held the show at our usual venue, The Studio at 4648 E. Speedway.

To check out photos of past shows on flickr:





Along with graffiti and urban art, we bring music into our life as a community. Various hip hop artists and DJ"s are featured at Paint Nights and WET PAINT shows. If you are interested in performing music, or just spinning some tunes, contact us.

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Scrap Can Battles

Cheap and impromptu - we put up the boards (usually 4'x8' - a couple together) in a back yard and the best spray painting get a prize pack (usually a bunch of paint). Invite only.

See more here


The artists at Open Space are available to paint murals for your building, church, or non-profit. So far we have put ones up at Iglesia Luterana de San Juan Bautista in Tucson, Reformation Lutheran Church in Las Vegas among others.

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