A church with art

What is Open Space Church?

A Church

We are believers and explorers and seekers living in a community and following Jesus.

We worship, pray, share, discuss, learn and grow together in faith.

We come as we are, without judgment, without condemnation, without a dress code, with all the history and baggage of our pasts, to gather in Jesus’ name.

Open Space Church was founded in 2014 by Pastor Lars Hammar and a few graf artists and musicians to be a place where we could live in the faith without having to check who we were at the door, without having to give up our creativity, our art, our passions and our selves in order to fit in to a churchy mold. We wanted a place that was safe to be who we are, yet open and free to explore and grow.

Open Space is a church, and we worship and pray and grow in our faith together. Every first Thursday night we gather in fellowship to share highs and lows, listen to each others joys and concerns, and pray for each other, and spend some time in the Bible learning about God and what it might mean for us to live and follow Jesus.

On the fourth Thursday of each month we gather for worship – to sing, read some scripture, hear some of the word, discuss and respond and reflect on it, pray for each other, and have communion. Our music is contemporary and upbeat, our meditations are ancient. There is not dress code, no experience required, no expectations or requirement to change to be a part of our worship. Come as you are.

Open Space is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), an open and progressive denomination that takes the Bible seriously, but not literally – that teaches peace and justice.



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An Art Collective

Half of all we do at Open Space is giving art to the community, for free.

A lot of the art we do is graffiti or street art based, but not exclusively. We believe that giving back is a fundamental part of being a Christian, and being artistic is not something for the special people, but something we all can do – being made in the image of God, our creator.

On the second and third Thursdays of each month we have Pizza Paint – where anyone can come and paint, draw, or just hang out (and get some pizza). No charge.

Not everyone at Open Space does graffiti, or does a lot of drawing, but we support those who do, and we encourage healthy (and legal) ways to express yourself and explore faith and life through art.

Where other churches spend most of their energy on maintenance of buildings and staff, we spend half of our time on promoting art and giving back to the community.